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 EV Training

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PostSubject: EV Training   Sat Feb 05, 2011 4:35 am

Hi guys! I just wanted to create a tutorial on EV training for those of you who either need help with it, or just don't know what it is at all. EV training is very useful for competitive battling and can substantially change the game. To begin, I'll start with an annoying introduction which you can choose to skip if you want.

EV training starts exactly when you hatch or catch a pokemon. They are invisible points and will give EV points depending on pokemon they kill, and how many EVs that pokemon gives off. By going through the game and killing random pokemon and trainers, you are scattering the EVs around and not increasing any specific stat very much, but if you combine all the EVs into specific stats, they can raise them by hundreds of stat points. The only way of keeping track of them is by tallying them on a piece of paper.

Now I'm going to explain to you the basics of EV training. 4 EVs add up to equal 1 stat point. You can gain up to 510 EVs in total and 255 EVs per stat. Keep in mind that only 508 of the 510 EVs will be put to use while the last 2 will be wasted because only 508 of the 510 EVs are divisible by 4 to go into the stats. Also keep in mind that you should only EV 1 stat for 252 EVs because 252 is divisible by 4, therefore by training 255 EVs, you would be wasting 3 EVs.

This all may seem confusing and tedious but after EV training your first pokemon, it all becomes clear and there are many items that can help speed up the process.

The first are vitamins. Each bottle of vitamins increase a stat's EVs by 10 points. You can keep raising them up till the point of 100 EVs. After you pass this point, it will say that the vitamins will have no effect.

The next item I'm going to talk about is the macho brace. By equipping your pokemon with a macho brace, it doubles the amount of EVs it receives from the pokemon you killed. For example, if I killed a rattata with a macho brace, I would receive 2 speed EVs instead of the normal 1 speed EV.

There is a virus you can catch called Pokerus (PKRS). To know if you have this disease, you can check the summary of your pokemon, and if it has a purple box with PKRS written in it next to it's name, then congratulations, it has Pokerus. This is a rare disease that helps training and the only way to get it is by catching it from some other pokemon, or catching random pokemon and getting lucky. Killing pokemon with other pokemon in your party spreads the disease around. Also this disease is cured after midnight in game, but the effects of it will still last. If you keep a pokemon with it in your pc, you can keep it forever. Pokerus doubles the amount of EVs you receive as well, so if you have a macho brace and Pokerus, killing a rattata would give you 4 EVs.

The last items that will help you with EV training are power items. By equipping a power item, it will increase the amount of EVs you gain by 4, so if I killed a rattata with the Power Anklet, I would recieve 5 speed EVs.

Power Weight - Gains 4 extra HP EVs after every battle
Power Bracer - Gains 4 extra Attack EVs after every battle
Power Belt - Gains 4 extra Defense EVs after every battle
Power Lens - Gains 4 extra Special Attack EVs after every battle
Power Band - Gains 4 extra Special Defense EVs after every battle
Power Anklet - Gains 4 extra Speed EVs after every battle

If you mess up with EV training, don't worry, there are many berries to take off EV points to restart. The first berry will take off all EVs above 100, then the rest of the berries will each take off 10 EV points.

Pomeg Berry – Lowers Base HP.
Kelpsey Berry – Lowers Base Attack.
Qualot Berry – Lowers Base Defense.
Hondew Berry – Lowers Base Special Attack.
Grepa Berry – Lowers Base Special Defense.
Tamato Berry – Lowers Base Speed.

At the end of the training, you can go talk to the Effort Ribbon Lady, and if you have all 510 EVs, she will give you pokemon an Effort Ribbon. Keep in mind that there are expressions that she say before you finish training.

0 - 505 EVs
Oh? Your [pokemon]......
It needs to work a little harder.
If it does I'll give your pokemon something nice.

506 EVs
Oh? Your [pokemon]......
It's working a little harder, I see.
But it will need some more effort.

507 EVs
Oh? Your [pokemon]......
It's working hard, I see
But it will need just a little more effort.

508 EVs
Oh? Your [pokemon]......
It's working so hard, I see.
But it will need a tiny bit more effort.

509 EVs
Oh? Your [pokemon]......
It's working so hard, i see. It's almost there.
Just the smallest bit of effort, and it'll be there!

510 EVs
Oh? Your [pokemon]......
It worked stupendously hard didn't it?
As its reward, please give it this effort ribbon.

Thanks for reading my tutorial if you read all the way through, I'm sure you are ridiculously bored from it, but the results will show and I'm sorry for all the rattatas I killed. See you at the battle stadium!

To find out which pokemon give out how many/which EVs, click this link below. Click the stat on top to see which pokemon give out that specific stat but keep in mind that the pokemon marked with a * will give EVs to 2 or more stats.

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EV Training
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